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Do you have an old couch or desk that’s just taking up a room? Let the best junk removal professionals take it away. We do funiture donation and disposal. We love clearing room for you to upgrade your furniture or redecorate your space.

Give your old furniture a new home!

Even if you are done with your old furniture, it doesn’t mean it should go straight to the dump. When you call us for furniture donation and disposal in Greeley, our team will work with charity organizations in and around the city to find a new place for your old furniture. We partner with the likes of Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity to find the best possible place for used items.

So, when you call us for our furniture donation and furniture disposal Greeley area service, not only are you getting rid of your junk, but you are also doing it in a way that is safe for the planet and you’re helping other persons in need of furniture.

Even if your furniture is too torn up to pass along, we do our best to properly recycle it and keep it from getting into the landfills.

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