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What do you need to get rid of? Maybe it’s nothing you can recycle or donate. It just needs to go the landfill. That doesn’t mean that you have to take care of it alone, though. Some companies will be happy to set a dumpster on your property for you to fill. We do more than that with our Greeley area trash disposal and garbage pickups. We actually fill our truck ourselves! That’s why we’re the area’s best junk removal professionals.

Bagged or unbagged – we’ll take it

As the best junk removal service, we’ll take all your trash off your hands. Whatever you have, even if local garbage trucks won’t collect it, we will.

How many garbage companies are willing to go inside your house and collect your junk? Not many. And a lot of them won’t collect your yard waste, furniture, or electronics. What a waste of time!

Our junk hauling professionals will go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied. Whether the trash is in your yard or your house, we’ll go get it – just point us in the right direction and your work is done.

Call us today for a free quote! We provide the best, most affordable service for trash disposal and garbage pickups in the entire Greeley, Colorado area!



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