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How’s this for a deal? You show us what carpet you want to be pulled up, and we’ll do it? You won’t even need to move the furniture out of the way. We’ll carefully move the furniture, pull up the carpet, clean the floor, put the furniture back, and haul away the carpet. So, when it’s time to lay some new carpets in your home or office, you won’t need to deal with the usual hassle of old carpet disposal or removal. We know how busy you are. Maybe you’re planning your new home designs and hiring decorators. Maybe you’re picking out new carpet. Whatever it is, you shouldn’t have to be thinking about how to pull up get rid of your old carpet.

We provide carpet removal and recycling service in the Greeley area for all projects big or small!

Carpet removal is a big source of stress for home renovation projects. Our junk removal team will cover this for you. Whether it’s a huge home renovation job or just a single room, the best Greeley area carpet disposal and recycling service will take care of you.

Call us today! We serve the entire Greeley, Colorado area.



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